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Livalle – Hax Combat Boots NOW AVAILABLE at Shoetopia 2017

At last! Shoetopia has returned.

If you are not familiar with Shoetopia, it is a an event dedicated to Shoes, shoes and even more shoes! If you are a shoe fanatic you should definitely come on down and check it out!

Also the long awaited HAX boots have been released!

HAX is a calf length lace up boot which consists with a super thick chunky sole and three optional leg straps which can be alternated on and off with this nifty Adjustment HUD which is included…

The HUD also controls the colours of each section of leather and also the laces and stitching around the sole. So you can make up your own colour combos to suit your OOTD

(Note: This HUD is only included in the FATPACK, The single colours come with a more stripped down version… But it’s still pretty cool!)

They also come in a bunch of fits for various mesh avatars, Slink MALE & FEMALE and Maitreya Lara. I have also included unrigged Male and Female versions for those without mesh bodies…


Well that about wraps it up!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get down to Shoetopia 2017! The event runs from March 25th – April 15th


Lots of Love♥